Thursday, January 21, 2010

Android users gobbling up mobile content

Android users are rapidly becoming an important consumer of mobile content, according to a new report released by Myxer.

The company, which provides mobile content like ringtones to more than 30 million users, said Android usage grew 350% in 2009. The most popular handset was the HTC G1 with 35% of Android downloads, followed by the myTouch 3G, Motorola Cliq, and Droid, with 18%, 11%, and 7%, respectively. “Despite being in existence for only a little over a year, the Android OS has already gained significant traction within the Myxer community and has, in many key metrics, surpassed the iPhone in terms of content consumption,” Myxer said in its report.

You might see some headlines today saying Android is outpacing iPhone in mobile content downloads, but ignore that. Apple users have no real reason to use Myxer for their mobile content and ringtone needs because there’s this little content distribution system called iTunes. A more apt comparison is Research In Motion, and Myxer said the BlackBerry Curve is still the most popular overall handset used to access its content. RIM accounted for a massive 67% of the platforms visiting Myxer, while Android was 12% in 2009.