Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Latest Android Hacks: Jailbreaking A PS3 With A Nexus One!

If Sony’s PS3 gaming system took a step backward in functionality when Sony disabled its ability to install Linux, it’s just taken two steps forward again.

t4nav, a Senior Member of xda-developers has just discovered a method to hack the PS3 using a Nexus One or a Desire! All you have to do is:

"Download this 
and place it’s contents onto the root of your SD-card.
Then download my flashable boot.img 
Place that on the root of your card, Reboot into recovery and flash the PS3-signed.zip
Reboot your phone.
Launch terminal emulator…
Then type the following… 
#cd sdcard 
#insmod psfreedom.ko 
Now turn your PS3 off at the wall, and plug in your phone. 
Turn the PS3 back on at the wall. 
Press the PS3 power button followed by the eject key in quick succession…"

"To get back to normal…
Download this… 
Go into recovery… 
Enable USB-storage 
Copy .zip 
Flash .zip"

So far, it’s only been confirmed to work with the Nexus One and Desire, though we’re sure that with proper attention from the dev community, the hack could be ported over to other devices, such as the EVO 4G or Droid X. 

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