Friday, October 1, 2010

BlindType to Power Android!

BlindType was missed by us until now but this is an amazing technology that Google has acquired. Before its acquisition BlindType was expected to be on iPhone and other platforms aswell but now its safe to assume that this patent pending tech will be exclusive to Android.

BlindType predicts what the user wanted to input without any relevance of the keys that were typed. As the name suggests it promoted BLIND typing. This is made possible by mapping the gestures or pattern in which the typing was done (wrt QWERTY layout) and not where the keys are placed.The claims are such that a user might not need to have a keyboard visible at all to type using Blind Type. Just typing on the interface directly would be enough, this sounds crazy! Below is a demo video of BlindType in action. Blind Type goes against the Apple iOS auto correction that is pretty popular and the SWYPE keyboard that we have seen on Android and other platforms. However all of these require user to concentrate on the screen and requires some precision wrt to the pressing of keys. BlindType makes typing completely independent of the keyboard.

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