Sunday, September 5, 2010

Android is Gaining in The Mobile OS Market

The Android mobile Operating System is ruling the mobile web market in comparison to Apple's iOS-based devices. The latest mobile-web-browsing numbers from Quantcast show that Android continues to grab mobile share from the iPhone and RIM.

The device which got the third place had a mobile web consumption of 11 percent, while RIM was the last one who managed to exist in the list at the last spot with 10 percent. RIM and other devices have suffered serious losses but the web use on iOS devices has suffered the most due to Android's growth in the mobile web market. 

Now, obviously, when the percentage of one platform goes up, the percentage of another platform must go down. It turns out that Android is the ONLY platform whose mobile consumption percentage did NOT go down.

The August Statistics from the Quancast show that Apple has saved itself for the time being but Mobile web use of iOS devices (excluding iPad) dropped significantly remaining at 56 percent. While RIM and "other" devices dropped down to 9 percent and 10 percent respectively. Android is the only progressive mobile operating service to jump up 2 percent to reach 25 percent, its best achievement since November 2009.

Quancast is expected to reveal the August web consumption details next week. However last month's statistics show that Apple iPhone topped the chart with 36 percent. But the company's iPod line of devices was down to 20 percent. HTC an Android vendor for the first time appeared on the chart with 11 percent of total smartphone web consumption and Motorola was at 10 percent.

In addition to that, it appears a significant number of iPhone users have figured out how to make good decisions. This is great news for Android and Google. They are clearly poised for a win in the mobile industry. I don’t think it will be too long before we see feature-phones disappear entirely and the iPhone lose its rank as king of mobile devices.

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