Sunday, September 5, 2010

Live Wallpaper Creation Tool for Android Phones!

With the use of mobile phones gone much beyond the average call answering and dialing, an extra touch of personalization sure doesn’t hurt!

OwnSkin thinks along similar lines and has released a new Live Wallpaper creation tool for phones running on the Android platform. The application is intended to be pre-school friendly.

When in a mood to customize mobile phones individually, this user generated tool offers a facile solution for wallpapers that are SkinLet filled. The latter is known to be an active component present in the live wallpaper and aids in personalization via animation, phone information and live data from the internet.

The makers believe the wallpapers proffered are among the slickest in the world. Nevertheless, they’re simple to use and cater efficiently to individual requirements. This tool should strike a chord with the digital community and social network enthusiasts alike. After all, innovative and entertaining mobile content doesn’t miff anyone.

Allowing seamless upload of photos for building SkinLet, users can look forward to animation, clock compass and battery details. This interactive wallpaper can also be shared with friends and it doesn’t involve download or installation of any complicated SDK either.

The free application can be downloaded from the Android market and the OwnSkin website.

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