Saturday, October 23, 2010

Facebook App for Android – Version 1.4 Available

Recently, Android got a new facebook application update (version 1.4). Facebook, being the largest online social networking site, has released a major update for its Android application. The introduction of this new application has helped bring the places and groups together over an optimum utilization of space.

The groups can now share posts within a small group. You need not publish your post with all your friends. It can be done with a small group of friends now. You can even share your place with your group of friends. For example, you can let them know where you are and even have knowledge of where your friends are. Not only that, you can even discover and locate the places nearby.

Additionally, within the application, you can view your recent notifications in your profile. Hence, it creates no disturbance while using your facebook account. The new improved notification system lets you view the comments and posts published on your wall without any havoc. The new update has also fixed up a few bugs for the facebook users.

The new android facebook app update is now available to download and can be downloaded off your android device for free. Simply go to all programs, choose the market icon, click on search, type “facebook”, and simply download and install the application on your Android based phone.

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