Saturday, October 16, 2010

Google Instant For Android 2.2!!

The fact that Google is launching increasingly new services more often and most of them are implemented, at least initially, only in the United States is not a surprise to anyone with the new Google Instant situation is a bit different. Yesterday on the Google Blog announced new optimization search service, already available on desktop or portable systems in the U.S., and portables with the latest version of Android.

Instant Google can be summed up very simply, anything you write on Google generates instant results, there is no need to press the classic search button. But the great advantage is that with each letter you write besides Google suggests search terms in real time, beginning to show results and also in real time.

In your Android phone, for example, simply go to then, turn in the bottom of the the English version. Normally, when you are on this version of the page no longer localized results are given priority, but it can solve this problem. Click on the Locate Me.

Given that the results are displayed in real time consumes more of your Internet traffic at any point you can enable or disable Instant Google, which is currently in testing period (Beta).

In any case the feeling is great, you should not give two or three searches to get the result you are interested in the problem often is that you missed a letter or you must put a word. Everything is resolved in a single website.

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